For Yte? People

“riff raff”

Don’t misunderstand the title as a bandwagon voice of angst against the days’ villain. White people have been the villains in the story of my ancestry long before Twitter, Blogging or even my first @yahoo email address.

Why do I lump them all together? I don’t, they created their club of exclusivity. We (black people) don’t create clubs  that exclude people of other races or ban them from using our resources. I don’t think we could if we tried. They’d knot and braid their hair, tan their skin to become leaders of civil rights organizations to advance colored people. They’d learn our idiomatic expressions, colloquial languages, and our culture to become the best selling and awarded artists in Soul, Rock-n-Roll, R&B and Rap. They’d tell us it’s just a matter demographics as to why they have become the face of cultural trends that define us. They’d tell us it’s flattering imitation. They’d tell us excluding them from our groups is racism and oppression against their freedom. They’d tell us to forgive and forget.

Not all white people are the same. I do have white friends, two… well one, that I really like but she’s not that white. She doesn’t act white or talk white. She’s more of a person to me. I don’t see her rac(ism), her privilege never even comes up. I can even make white jokes with her.

For you idiots, that was something called sarcasm mixed with a bit lot of satire.

White people with one or few black friends isn’t an exaggerated stereotype, it’s a valid trope. This isn’t to say white people should run out and make all the black friends they can, if for no other reason than some black people don’t want to be your black friend. I sure as hell don’t. It’s not about being token or the brown speck in a sea of vanilla, I rather enjoy standing out. It’s about conversations I don’t want to have. Unwanted assault charges for knee jerk slaps and avoiding permanent displacement of my eyeballs from incessant rolling. I get it, you don’t know when you’re a racist asshole, hey you might even be an ignorant bigot and that’s not okay too. I will hold that against you. I can’t ignore your passive aggressive attempts to bond with me based on how much rap you listen to.  You are not the blackest white girl I know. Only a white girl would say that. Only the whitest of white has the privilege to elect blackness based on some choice slang, music knowledge and sheer desire.

Listening to Green Day and Shania Twain doesn’t get me any passes when my hair is nappy and my language is relaxed to drop my consonants and adverbs because I can’t take off my blackness. No matter what language I use, songs I know, cultural practices I assimilate to, I am still very black. I would not dare try to be anything other. So Dear Yte? friend, Why do you? Why do you need to be black to like rap, speak slang and know hip hop culture? Why do you only want to be black on Friday night with me at the club? Why do you want to be black?

Do you want to be followed in the mall after you pay cash for your new iPhone and iMac?

Do you want to be followed for wearing a hoodie at night? Wanna die for it?

Do you want to be passive and docile in all police interactions knowing your outcome could be prison or death no matter what?

Do you want to post videos of black women, men, children and trans people being assaulted and killed?

Do you want to be in the middle of Woodward on Noel Night chanting #BLACKLIVESMATTER?

Do you want to be passed for job interviews based on your name?

Do you want to be seen as less attractive for wearing your natural hair?

Do you want to be silenced by your white counterparts for decrying injustice against your race?

Do you only want to see yourself represented in media as the negative tropes as projected by white people?

Until you sign up for all of the above you are just another average white girl appropriating blackness for convenience and entertainment… Black Face. You can still be my white friend tho, everybody needs one.


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