What pisses me awf about Miley

See I know I’m in the minority of the minority of Black people when I admit I was am a genuine Miley fan. Not one of her paid Black dancers in the videos, not one of her party friends or an extra in the background of her life as Hannah Montana. I only learned of Miley just before she became the tongue out, burnt blond, chicken ass humping the lame that lied to Paula Patton chick. I mean I did see her in passing when leaving Oslo’s Detroit circa 2010 ish and was more amazed at the sight of a tall thin white girl walking on Woodward after midnight than I was in awe that it was THEE white girl, Miley Cyrus. Nonetheless we’re not friends so my bias is not bought.

Miley is actually a great singer. Her voice is gold, raspy but full weight dug up at the height of the rush gold. She has an edgy crisp sound that we’re not use to having in modern white pop music. Honestly she’s the blue eyed soul amalgamation of Dusty Springfield, Nancy Sinatra and Dolly Parton. Calm down, get your panties out your crack and sniff them while you hear read me out. I know Miley hasn’t reached their levels of mastery but her voice is beyond the potential of doing so. Now if rock, country and old soul ain’t your thing I get it, but if you were even mildly offended that I put her voice in the pot with those gold heavy weights then you need to see what ol Miley is cooking with. I’m not riding her wrecking balls, I just want you to get why I am grossly unimpressed with her recent endeavors.

Now I can’t hate on We Can’t Stop or Wrecking Ball, aside from the bafoonery caulked videos they stand alone as quality hits with well mastered vocals and intentional sincere lyrics. Even 23 (Mike WiLL Made-It) and Come Get It (Pharrell) can get my play time but her Bangerz barely rattled my Beats. Bangerz didn’t prove to be the appropriated rhythms of my culture it was just the average white girls pop music. Not that I prefer the former but com’on we all loved JT’s Señorita and gladly told his pop career pre 2000, “Bye!” So don’t catch the woke vapors, we like blue eyed soul. Now with my respect for Miley’s voice proclaimed, here’s this read.

Look yall, don’t blame it on the weed or the culture (Black), Miley was being young. BB Talk video… not all the weed in the world came up with that concept, choose another drug, like youth and experimenting or bath salts. Don’t disassociate her from the culture to claim some existential awakening to the “impurity” that is weed or the choices she made as an artist within the culture.  The songs she made with black producers and creators did not thoroughly exercise her box (voice) the way the hyped up rumors imagined it.

SHE was different during that time, and that is exclusive of her dabbing into the culture. Miley can make soul, country and pop music palatable for all once she develops herself in those realms. So people please stop making her patent leather pasties and furry costumes about drug use and Black culture. No, that was just her being a young white girl with the freedom to make such choices and recover… by distancing herself from the culture as if it happened to her.

When Black culture is appropriately appropriated or “borrowed” with respect and wisdom it’s not used to cloak bad career choices or to save talentless careers. Appropriation MAKES careers for white artists, that tends to be why it’s appropriation but I digress. That Malibu, pshhht, that’s not recovery, that’s not even her roots, that’s watered down acoustic guitar and grass fed hipster lobby music. So, I’m not here for her sobriety from the culture for 2 reasons:

  1. The culture is not weed, childish behavior and outlandish displays of rebellion that you can just shake off. (That’s white girl performance rebellion.)
  2. Without the culture her country and pop music is going to suck, cuz it needs soul, especially now.

If you think the culture is what kept her high, unfocused and downright annoying then maybe you need watered down grass fed Miley Montana just don’t send her back when you want some soul.


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