Gold Diggin

Of half ass effort
From half ass niggas
Who wanna whole ass fuck
With half ass figures

You right
Go’head n say it
She’s a gold digger
That’s fine, i’ll claim it
I don’t want a broke nigga.

Im not worried about your stash
Or what your last statement read
I wanna know
how you manage under pressure
How you cope
How you plan to get ahead

It’s not about the clothes or the shit you buy
It’s about the means to your ends
What you do just to get by
What you justify
What’s just a little lie
What do you compromise

Do you sell your soul
Do you drop your values
To get what you want
Are you a hoe?
Do you tell lies to dive into pink seas
Are you shallow?
Is sea as a metaphor for pussy too deep?

My bad, i’ll break down the pannies, see
Pussy is life
Like a body of water
Where the bottom exists
But it’s rarely reached
Its affects are healing
And tastes a lil salty

Whole ass men swim in the sea
Dont mind the waves
Dont fret the storms
And don’t fear drowning
Captains manning ships to sail free
Thats another metaphor
hard wood in the pink sea
with white sails blowing

Broke men wont get it
Pirates, just out for booty
They’ll sail your seas
All for buried treasure
And when you tide out
They find the X
Start shoveling that shallow bed of sand
Up to their ass in the ground

Gold Diggin.
Like half ass men.

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