After We Ain’t We

First page is all you

I wait

I want you to taint
to dirty, to ravage, to take
to leave
alone to my words
always more than what I do
because I spend more time thinking
than doing what I should do

that’s why I admire you
you follow thru
what you want
you always get
even if it has to work hard
to be good enough for you

If I have to let go
of  what I think I find comfort in
I do
because this clause,
I changed for you

I don’t own or control
I just let what we do, be
I’ve refused to love
to open up
to share, to love you

with the light in my face
owning everything I say
wrong and weak
I see through me in you

I still wonder why you deal with me
while I play and have no idea of the game
So, I let go
and hope to be
what love will have me
and if love will love me
I will be what it tells me

You’ve become what words said to me
couldn’t motivate me to be
I can open myself
and be Tyra
no questions
of who has questions or queries
just what I like
and knowing you accept it
makes others love me

Should you stop or believe
you can find a possibility of love
without me
make it

because I will always
be in the life of your heart
even after
we ain’t we

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