Drakest shit I ever wrote

This is the Drakest shit I ever wrote

I miss him so bad it hurts in my chest.
It’s a loud silence.
An emptiness.
A huge void.

I’m missing the little things.
I want to try again.
I want to try with him.
Im not delusional,
I believe in our positive possibilities.
I just want another chance to get it right.

Two months later, I’m hurting still
I want to be better to him and he to me
I want us to heal.
I want to be friends.
I haven’t tried all I could
But i’m ready to begin

I don’t know how to let go.
I’m not looking at his time line.
Or insta photos.
No signs of him in my home
but everywhere in my mind.
There is no thing that reminds me of him .
Just the moments my memory rewinds

Strong, urgent feelings.
Nothing about the past changed
or has a different perspective.
It just was and I want him
more than I want perfection

I want him to keep trying.
I want to see him grow.
I wanna grow with him.
I made excuses for my behavior
using his as a scapegoat.
Tit for tat.

I played because he entertained.
I was in deep.
Lost in the game

I was doing me and
not concerned with his needs
because I didnt believe
he was concerned with me.

I hope he understands
why I made the choices I did.
I hope he learns
why I didn’t trust his.

I hope he understands my hurt
looks past my fear
Forgives my mistakes and
Knows i’m sincere

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