Flooded (Adult Material, Unedited)

Who plays James Brown for love making? A love maker. Why play James Brown? To make love. He was scrambling to clean his room. Well not room, the basement, the space. The space he forged all of his alchemy in. I’d felt so many sounds, words, rhythms, vibrations come from this space. I had vibrated …


Bad habits die, hard.

It was all fun, the drinking, the sex and the smoking after sex but I also had 2 cars repossessed, a horrible relationship with my Mother, evicted several times, no savings, and horrible mental issues because I lost balance.

White People, Melanin & Skin Cancer #PettyPatty

He began to tell me that Black people are in the "dark" about their susceptibility to skin cancer caused by UVA and UVB rays. He said many Black people think they don't need to use sunscreen and this puts them at greater risk for skin cancer. I assured him that Dr. Phil was probably not the best source of information for medical studies on melanin rich skin.

Pretty for Approval

Should they not find me valuable or approve of my beauty in it's true essence they may find themselves lost and forever longing because they will never see my beauty as long as they are looking for it in the prosthetics of pretty.